Joining as a host on Niki Live today has never been this easy!

Ladies, if you're 18 and above, the spotlight awaits! Join the Niki Live family as a host and let your charisma shine. Don't miss out—sign up today for an exciting journey!

Why Choose Niki Live?

● Gift share is high up to 70% in live.
● Host can get big amount of beans income when users play games in live room (Niki has high chance ofwinning).
● No cuts on host salary, host can withdraw her income anytime direct to her account, weekly payment.
Multiple cash bonus, 10 $ withdraw quota.
● Profitable price for recharge , users can get 1$=9900 coins

Note:when users ask for better price for recharge , please ask him to go to customer service or send him
the official recharge link

Host Policy

● host salary :10000 beans=1 $
● coins accumulation including all users and hosts coins bet for games in your live
Note:As Niki has very high rate of wining ,host can get big amount of beans by encouraging users to play games continuously in live

Host Task Reward Policy
Policy Applicable Personnel
All female hosts
Policy Rules

● The hosts who are registered female can receive rewards of the corresponding level when the income of beans in the past 7 days is greater than
a certain level, and the reward duration is 2 or 3 hours/day according to different levels, and the rewards range from 0.2 US dollars ~ 9 US dollars
per day.

Tips :
● 10,000 beans = 1 US dollar, you can receive today’s and yesterday’s rewards on the same day;
Other Notices
● Last 7 days = Today + previous 6 days (For example, the last 7 days gain on March 9 is the total return from March 3 to 9);
● As the day’s earnings rise by one level, the daily reward will also increase, and the reward can only be claimed once per
● The duration task only counts the duration of video party and live broadcast;
● The total income includes: gift income, game sharing income;
● If the host registers multiple accounts, including but not limited to multiple devices, all rewards will be cancelled.
Withdraw and rules
● host can do withdraw anytime , Niki will pay once a week
● Withdrawal ratio: 10000 beans = 1 $ , and the single withdrawal amount must be ≥ 10 US dollars.
● the service fee varies with different withdrawal methods , please choose the appropriate payment method
● Niki supports multiple withdrawal methods, including but not limited to Epay, Payonner, Paypal and bank transfer. The
service fee for cash withdrawal is subject to the regulations of the cash withdrawal channel, which needs to be borne by you
personally. Please choose the most suitable cash withdrawal method.

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