Niki Coin Seller Guidance

A. Guide to open a coin seller account

1) What is a coin seller?
Coin sellers are eligible to buy gold coins from the NIKI platform and sell them to users to earn a profit.

2) What are the benefits of becoming a coin seller?

3) How can you become a coin seller?

B. Guide to using coin seller account

1) How can you trade coins ?

On the My page, click on [Coin Seller

Click on [Recharge now]

Select the amount and payment method you wish to recharge and follow the instructions to complete it.

On [Coin Seller] page, click on [Exchanger beans for trading coins]

Enter the amount you wish to redeem and confirm it.

2) How can you increase your coin sales?

On the [Coin Seller] page, click on the icon in the top right corner as shown in the picture.

You can set the correct tradable coins and mobile phone number so that users can contact you through your mobile
phone number and the system will recommend your account to other users. When the user’s region is the same as the
region of the tradable coin you selected, the user can see you on the coin seller display page.

Keeping a good amount of trading gold in your account can help to increase the interest of others in your

3) Selling trading coins

On the [Coin Trade] page, select your coin account or trading account, enter ID and the amount of coins to be traded and click on ConfirmTransfer

4) Coin seller Account Deactivation

When your Coin seller account changes less than 200,000 coins for 15 consecutive days and your current Coin seller account
balance is less than 1,000,000 coins, your Coin seller account will be automatically deactivated.

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